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This is a very nice high-quality potted (7-24") Cholla Cactus that has a much broader and more robust collection of branches.  Keep it like it is... or transfer it into your garden... it's a great size to start with and watch it grow for many years to come!

Upgraded Cholla Cactus Plant

SKU: 500
  • In order to get your large cactus shipped to you and arrive in good condition, we go to great lengths to secure your cactus inside of its shipping container.  There is a significant amount of time, energy and cost to shipping any cactus - other than the small ones under 7" tall.


    We have an additional fee that is added to live plant orders for this reason.  If you would like to avoid this packing &shipping add-on, you are always welcome to pick up your cactus from our store.

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