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About Us...

Cholla Cactus. com is a retail web site that sells both dried and live Cholla Cactus in order to support a worthy non-profit cause. Yet, regardless of the cause it supports, this site is dedicated to provide the best quality service and selection possible for every potential shopper that chooses to visit us.


The Wild Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit animal sanctuary for large carnivores that were born, raised and held in captive situations.  The vast majority of our rescued animals were confiscated form illegal or abusive situations.


The Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 tax deductible entity, so all sales and donations go toward a good cause.  The Sanctuary owns a 9,684-acre Refuge in southern Colorado that is used for natural habitats for rescued and rehabilitated animals to live in.  In addition to all the wonderful space for the animals to enjoy... we have an enormous amount of natural Cholla Cactus growing on the property. 


We literally have hundreds of thousands of pounds of dried Cholla available... as well as hundreds of thousands of live Chollas that are in all stages of growth.  These amazing plants have endless uses - both in dried and live form - so we decided to start offering our wonderful Cholla Cactus to help fund the Sanctuary and Refuge's operations.


The Wild Animal Sanctuary is incredibly grateful for any purchases you make, or even if you just want to learn more about us and the work we do to help solve a world-wide captive wildlife crisis.


Please explore our products and related materials, and of course, you are also welcome to visit the Sanctuary's own web page to learn more about the amazing work we do with captive wildlife.

Thank you for visiting!

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